We created an Oculus version of Gravity. Explore an audio-reactive environment in VR. Switch between the styles, walk, teleport and watch all possible metamorphoses of the music driven visualisation in the most unique way you could only imagine before.

Oculus version looks like a cube, the same as the Gravity concept. You are standing inside. You can switch between different minimalistic sound-reactive themes surrounding you.
Another thing you have control of is an audio-reactive geometric form in the middle. Press triggers on both hand controllers to switch between different types of inner and outer things. Press both triggers quickly to get the metamorphosis effect.

Move "Left Thumbstick" up to turn On/Off help notes

Left ControllerRight Controller
Press "Y" to turn On/Off audio-reactivity of the stylesPress "B" to turn On/Off Audio-Reactive environment
Press "X" to turn On/Off animation of the stylesPress "A" to use Teleport
Press "Left Trigger" to switch between audio-reactive environmentPress "Right Trigger" to switch between Audio-Reactive styles
Press "Left Grab" to turn On/Off the floorMove "Right Thumbstick" up to turn On/Off notes

Download Gravity for Oculus Quest:


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